Pastor Search Update

With a stamp of approval from the Elder Team, the Pastor Search team will consist of:

- Keith Wilson (team leader)

- Ody Odenwelder

- Megan Safko

- Joe Sassaman

- Dorcas Elliott


Update (8/11/17):

Click here to watch the Video Update.

The Pastor Search team has mailed a letter to all Partners of Cornerstone this week with some important announcements and dates.  You can read the letter here. 

NOTE: Sunday, September 3 - Dave & Amy Sherwood visit (Check out Dave's Bio here)

Sunday, September 24 - Congregational Meeting (rescheduled from Aug 20)

Update (7/7/17):

The team has spoken with two potential candidates and a third interview scheduled in the near future.  It's been exciting to share what God has been doing here at Cornerstone and hear how God is moving in other parts of the country through these men.  After these interviews are complete, we are hopeful that we can move to the next step of the process with one or more candidates and bring them Cornerstone.  We are continuing to pray that God guides us through this process and makes His path abundantly clear.  Your prayers are appreciated!

Update (6/27/17):

After reviewing numerous resumes, the team has selected a "top 5" and requested further information (such as sermon samples) from these candidates.  We are ready to begin the interviewing process.  

Update (6/14/17):

At this point, the team is still in the very early stages of the process but in less than a week we have received numerous resumes from all over the world! As you can imagine, there is a lot of reading and vetting at this stage but it’s exciting that God is connecting us with so many applicants.  We ask that you join us in prayer as we navigate this process!

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