Who are you bringing on christmas eve?

Just the Facts:

Did you know that almost 70% of people living in America said they are likely to visit a church if a friend or family member personally invites them.

Christmas is a natural time to invite someone to join you at church.  In fact, almost 60% of people who don't normally attend church at Christmastime said they would attend if someone asked them.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out some resources below to help you invite some friends to join us at "Livin' on a Prayer: A Very 80's Christmas"

top 5 ways to invite someone

5. Hire a skywriter to write a message in the sky

4. Send a singing telegram (we'll even get you our set list so you can choose a relevant song)

3. Slide down the chimney and place an invitation under the Christmas tree

2. Dress like an elf and hand deliver an invitation.


Seriously, the best way to invite someone to join you at church is to ask them. But if you do need some resources, you can find them below.