Perry County Work Camp

We've been evaluating how to extend our reach from Work Camp.  If someone has a leak in their bathroom in April, should they wait until June to have it fixed? What can we do to take the impact of Work Camp and grow it? How can we get more workers involved to serve together?  To better answer these questions, we'd like to introduce WORKCAMP WEEKENDS.  This summer, we feel that God is challenging us to use our regularly scheduled Work Camp week to travel to a devastated area and help repair and rebuild following the many disasters last summer.  But at the same time, we'd like to kick off a new version of Work Camp: WorkCamp Weekends.  

This will entail taking a Friday and Saturday to complete some work camp projects throughout our community. These weekends will allow us to complete projects throughout the year as well as invite new volunteers to help that may not be able to take time off work during our regular Monday-Friday schedule.  

SAVE THE DATE: The first WorkCamp Weekend will take place May 11 & 12.

If you have any questions, please email Megan Safko at or call the church office.

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