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Winter / Spring 2022 Calendar

Groups Re-Combining

    In the pre-Covid days, our Youth Ministry was one group, 7th-12th grades, meeting on Wednesday nights. As part of our post-Covid re-start, we split off our Jr High group to meet separately on Sunday evenings. While this presented many opportunities for growth, it also has presented many drawbacks - younger students are slower to socially develop, older students have felt the group has lost energy, and overall we’ve seen the two groups drift apart. As we adjust and figure out how ministry looks going forward, there has been a large desire from many students and volunteers to return to our “single group” model. 

    Starting Feb 1st, we’ll be once again meeting as one unified group on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30 pm. 6th graders who moved up early will continue to be welcome on Wednesday nights, however we’ll return the group to being 7th-12th grade starting next fall. 

    We plan on replacing our Sunday Night Jr High programming with “monthly” special events (such as our popular Alien) and will be working on developing a “deeper” Bible Study for students ready to dig deeper than our Wednesday Night or Sunday Morning programming currently provide. Details on this coming soon.

Summer Camp: Salt’N Light Impact

For summer camp this year, we’ll be returning to Salt’n Light’s Impact Event at Camp Greene Hills in Alexandria, PA. We’ll once again be camping in “tent city” and handling Food on our own, thanks to the magnificent JoAnn and Dean Adkins.  

Camp Dates are July 27-31 2022. 

We’re asking that students Sign Up to attend by March 16th. Our goal is 18 students this year. See Ody to sign up. 

Camp Prices have not at this time been announced. We expect costs to be similar to last year - we asked families to pay $40, and many students were able to offset that cost with fundraising. 

We have limited information at this time, but we’ll be adding it here and informing interested families as we get access. 

Salt’n Light Impact

Summer Camp Fundraising

We’re planning two fundraisers for Students headed to Camp - the first is a Soup Sale for… Super Bowl Sunday (Souperbowl Sunday?) Students will have 2 ways to serve and earn:

  • By taking orders for soup pre-sale (order form is linked below) 

  • By serving with the kitchen team to prepare and distribute the soup. Dates for this are Saturday, Jan 29th, Sunday Jan 30th (during the Partner’s Meeting), Saturday, Feb 12th and Distribution on Sundays, Feb 13th  

Our second fundraiser is TBD - we’ll be having a more traditional sale fundraiser later around Easter. (Our leaders have shamelessly and selfishly recommended / requested ButterBraids and at home pizza)

Soup Sale Order Form

The Sex Lesson - Feb 16th

    On Wednesday, Feb 16th, we’ll be pausing our normal lesson sechedule to have an honest and frank discussion about Love and Sex, from a Christian / Biblical perspective. As is tradition, Steve Peck will be presenting the lesson. 

    We like to give parents a “heads up” for lessons like these, so that you can have these conversations at home BEFORE we have the conversation at youth group. This lesson, and the small group conversation afterward, is one of the most important conversations we can host at Youth. Please encourage your student to attend, pay attention, and engage in conversation around this topic. 

Lock In - Feb 18-19th

    The Youth Group will be having a Lock In from 7pm on Friday, Feb 18th to 7 am Saturday, Feb 19th. For parents uninitiated with what a Lock In is, we’ll have games, food, movies and other activities running all night. Students are encouraged to bring “sleeping gear” and there will be areas set aside for students who wish to sleep to do so. 

It is also very important that students be picked up from the church BEFORE 8am on Saturday, the 19th.