Laserdome Covid letter from the PA dept of Health

Read the letter from the PA Dept of Health HERE

Greetings Parents! 

On Sunday, March 7 we were made aware that a student had tested positive for COVID from our Sr High Youth Ministry. This student was Tested on Friday, March 5th. Thanks to the policies we have in place, and some changes to the way we do our ministry, we determined that the exposure was limited to a single small group. Contact tracing occurred - if your student was in this small group, you may have been contacted either by the student’s family themselves, or by our youth ministry directly. 

We have since been contacted by the PA Department of Health regarding our Laserdome Event on Sunday, February 28th, in order to do contact tracing.  There is no evidence the student was sick for this event, and did not show symptoms until much later that week. However, we appreciate the State’s zealous concern for the health of our students.   If your student or students were present at this event, you may be contacted by the PA Dept. of Health. Additionally, they have requested that we pass on the linked letter to everyone who was involved with the event. 

While this seems like a big deal, the following letter essentially outlines a “keep an eye on your student” approach: look for symptoms, take their temperature, wash your hands and wear your mask - no additional quarantining or any major life-changing measures are being recommended. 

We, honestly, recommend that you continuously be “keeping an eye” on your student, given the state of the world and the details of this Virus. We continue, as an organization, to ask that you keep your student home from our programming if they are feeling unwell for any reason, and we heavily encourage the use of masks and hand sanitizer while you are participating in our programming. 

Thank you for your time and patience, and we praise God that this is our only our first major incident since this started. we look forward to this summer, increased vaccination numbers, and a return to more normal youth ministry! 

- Matt “Ody” Odenwelder, Youth Pastor, Cornerstone. 

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Summer Camp: Generate

This summer our Youth Ministry will be sending a few students to Generate, a new-to-our-area Camp at Eastern University! 

From July 26th-30th, 8 students and 2 leaders will Head to the Philly Area for Generate’s “Connect” option - Camp’s theme this summer is Darkness and Light, and we look forward to seeing our students grow in their faith by leaps and bounds. 

Cost for this trip will be $125, plus participation in our Fundraising efforts. Our hope is that we’ll be able to bring that cost down significantly through fundraising.

To Enroll your student, we’ll need all Paperwork and a $50 Deposit by March 14. Please see Ody for any questions, Concerns, or for sign up paperwork!