rent our building

Building Rental includes use of tables and chairs, use of our multipurpose room, lobby, restrooms and kitchen.  Other rooms are not typically available during your rental. Cornerstone partners and partner organizations may receive a discounted rental rate.  Please contact the church office for details.

Building Rental - Full Day $150.00

Use of Stove - $25.00 add on

Sports Team Rental - 2 hour practices - $25.00


Wedding rates include the use of the facility for the day of the event. If our schedule allows, you can reserve the building one day prior to your event (decorating, rehearsal, etc) for a discounted rate of $75. Rates for pastors, musicians, etc should be negotiated directly with those individuals.

Ceremony - $150.00

Reception (includes ceremony) - $300.00

Additional Day add on - $75.00

Stove Use  add on - $25.00

Because of upgrades to our audio/visual equipment, they can only be operated by a member of the Cornerstone Tech Team and may not be available for all events. Please contact the church office to discuss availability and options if you require this service.

building use policies



An Event Request Form must be submitted to the church office at least two weeks before the event or two weeks before any event promotion, whichever comes first. 


Event Request Forms can be found on our website or picked up at the church office. 


A schedule of fees for building usage and other services will be provided at the time of reservation, along with any other financial commitments necessary for the event.


All groups or persons requesting use of the church facilities must also adhere to Building Use Guidelines below. 

Please make a special note on the Event Request Form of any special situations that apply to your event including: Sale of admission tickets, use that spans multiple dates, selling merchandise or fundraising for outside organization, etc that would require prior approval by church leadership. 

The staff will review the requests weekly and communicate availability via email or phone. Requests will be honored on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Cornerstone ministry activities and events will be given first priority to building usage. 


DUE TO COVID-19, we have updated our building use guidelines. 

To minimize the spread of germs and disease, it is the responsibility of the renter to thoroughly clean all areas after an event.  Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the denial of future rental requests.  A cleaning checklist will be provided at the time of rental.  

The user will be held responsible for any damage to church property during the event.  Cornerstone expects that all persons attending the event will be respectful of our property and will not allow noise that disturbs others. The building will be inspected before and after each event.

The user assumes liability for injuries to persons attending the event, for damages to the building and for any loss of personal property belonging to the user or their attendees. 

Activities and programs are limited to the space that is assigned for the event.  

Alcoholic beverages and other non-physician-prescribed/illegal drugs are not permitted on church property at any time.  Smoking is not permitted inside the building or near the front door.  The Smoking Area is on the side or rear of the church only. 

Before furniture, equipment or decorations are moved, permission must be granted by the church office or staff. Stage equipment and instruments may not be moved without the permission and assistance of the Worship Pastor. 

Programs and events requiring the use of Cornerstone’s audio/visual equipment must have one of the church’s Sound Technicians on duty and paid according to the fee schedule or a negotiated rate.  

The user is expected to leave rooms in the same condition as they were found before the event, including:

  • Return furniture to its original arrangement
  • Sweep floor and spot mop as needed
  • Wipe down tables and countertops using disinfectant wipes or soapy water. 
  • Return tables and chairs to designated locations.
  • Empty trash cans and refill with new bags, including restroom trash cans; flush toilets; take all garbage to the dumpster.
  • Turn of all lights, including bathroom lights
  • Close and lock all doors before leaving 
  • In addition, please follow the COVID-19 cleaning checklist. 

Failure to clean up after using the facilities could result in additional cleaning charges.


Individuals or organizations using the facility are responsible for the safety of children/teenagers attending the event or involved with the organization. Unless formal childcare is offered, children are to remain in the same room as their parents/guardians. All children on church property must be under adult supervision.  All adults are subject to a criminal background check and/or child abuse clearance at the discretion of the Elders, Leadership and Staff of Cornerstone. 


The net covering the stage must be secured before practice may begin.                

The team will be held responsible for any damage to church property during the practice.  

If damage does occur, please notify the church office immediately. 

The building will be inspected before and after each practice time.  

  • Cornerstone ministry events and activities have the priority on our calendar.  In some instances, we may ask that your team cancels or reschedules due to a ministry event.  
    Sports equipment including balls, goals, sticks or bases belonging to Cornerstone may not be used without approval. 
    We require a copy of the team/organization insurance policy to keep on file.  Please return a copy with the event request form.

  • NOTES: 

    Tables & Chairs are available for use at no charge: 

    Maroon Cushion Chairs - 200

    Folding Chairs - 350

    8' Tables - 7

    6' Tables - 6

    Round Tables (seat 8-10) - 22