SUMMER Partners meeting


June 5, 2023

Updated to include property information. 

Hello Cornerstone Partners, 

We are so happy to pass along to you that we have reached an agreement with one of our neighbors regarding the 11 acre parcel.  After some negotiations, the elders have agreed to sell to the property for $65,000, pending partner approval.  The buyer has also agreed to cover closing costs.  There is a map of the property linked at the bottom of this page.  The parcel being sold is highlighted in pink.  As a reminder, there is no access/right-of-way to this property and it is on the rear of our wooded area behind the church.  For Cornerstone to be able to use this parcel, it would take considerable resources and finances to even access this parcel.  The income from this sale will be added to our building fund for building and property improvements.  

If you have any questions regarding this sale, please send them to so it can be directed to the appropriate elder/leader prior to the meeting (by Sunday, June 18).  In an effort to save time, we will not be fielding questions at the meeting but will address all pre-submitted questions.  

If you are unable to attend the meeting on Sunday, June 25, there is an absentee ballot linked below.  Please submit your ballot to affirm and budget and sale of the property no later than Saturday, June 24 to be counted at the meeting. 

Thank you, 

Cornerstone Elders


May 23, 2023

Dear Cornerstone Partners, 

It’s that time of year again: school is ending, vacations are being planned, and Cornerstone is finalizing our budget as we plan for our upcoming 2023-2024 fiscal year.  Our Summer Business Meeting for partners will take place on Sunday, June 25, 2023 following the second service.  At this service, our treasurer will present our budget for approval and you’ll also hear some updates from our elders. 

As our fiscal year comes to an end, it has been so exciting to look back and reflect on everything God has done over the past twelve months.  Our property team has been working hard to continue to clean up and clean out the new portion of our property in order to begin to make our dreams for this land a reality; we’ve welcomed many new faces to the Cornerstone family and improved our process by adding “Next Steps” to better introduce ourselves to those wanting to new more; we’ve made upgrades to our presentation/media hardware and software to create a better worship experience for those joining us in person and online; we added new Connect groups to better grow together; we revamped some of our outreach to better love our community, and we certainly can’t forget the upgrades to our playground that are used almost daily by families from Cornerstone and our community.  In reflecting on all of this, we were reminded that we couldn’t have done it without your faithful support.  We sincerely thank you for giving your time and financial gifts so we can continue to grow in our faith and love our neighbors.  

As a partner, we ask that you review the proposed budget (below) and accompanying financial information prior to the meeting.  Paper copies are available upon request by contacting the church office at or by calling 717-834-4641.  

In addition, we will have information available regarding the sale of the 11 acres on the rear of our property.  We discussed and received partnership approval at the January 2023 business meeting to explore selling this piece of land.  We have two interested buyers who will be submitting offers using a closed bid system.  Both of these parties have property that connects to the parcel and would be utilized by their family/residence.  As a reminder, this is not the parcel in front of the church/facing 274 that we plan to use for ministry and community purposes.  It is also not part of our original acreage/walking trails.  This is an additional piece that was included in the sale by the Taylor estate.  It has no access, would be very difficult (and require additional equipment) to use or maintain, and we have no current or future plans to utilize this.  However, by selling this land it will allow us to move forward with another building/property project and create a relationship with our neighbors at the same time. Depending on time, we hope to be able to vote for the sale of this parcel at the June 25 meeting.  Any questions can be submitted to to be directed to the appropriate elder or property team member. 

If you have questions, please submit them to the elders/finance team no later than Sunday, June 18. To give the best answers and streamline the meeting, we will not be taking questions during the meeting time.  Questions and concerns can be sent to and will be forwarded to an elder, our treasurer or a finance team member.  We will address all received questions at the meeting and/or to you individually.  

If you cannot attend the meeting, we ask that vote via absentee ballot (below) aor a paper ballot available from the church office no later than Wednesday, June 21 so votes can be counted and included with those present at the meeting.   Voting will open on Sunday, June 11, 2023.

We are so thankful for your continued support here at Cornerstone and are blessed to have you in the Cornerstone family.  

Cornerstone Elders

Aaron Jumper, Elder Chair

Mike Boyer, Vice Chair

Andrew Morgan, Secretary

Vince McCollum, Elder

Chris Haines, Elder

Andy Harrison, Elder

Kenny Coombs, Elder

Mark Emick, Elder

Jennifer Daub, Treasurer

Click here to vote via absentee ballot

Click here to see a summary of the proposed budget

Click here to view notes and updates from our finance team

Click here to see a map of the property